How do I start using the SHRIMP 4.0 Platform?


SHRIMP User Guide & Video Tutorials

SHRIMP 4.0 User Guide & Tutorials


First-Time SHRIMP 4.0 User Login

First-time SHRIMP 4.0 users will need to log into to set up their new credentials and will receive an email with your account verification code to access SHRIMP 4.0 (the email will come from or Securely save your username, password, and security question answer and bookmark for future logins.

Repeat SHRIMP 4.0 User Logins

SHRIMP 4.0 verification codes expire after 30 days. If you have not used your SHRIMP 4.0 login in the past 30 days, please visit to input your email address, name, and operator DOT number to request a new account verification code to access the SHRIMP 4.0 Tool.


Can I Access SHRIMP 3.0 Plans?

For a limited amount of time, SHRIMP users can still view any plans previously created in SHRIMP 3.0 at You will use your SIF membership credentials to access these plans.  Users are unable to update or create any new plans in SHRIMP 3.0 and must use SHRIMP 4.0 for any new DIMP plans.


Questions issues with membership or billing?

If you have any questions about your SHRIMP membership, please email the billing support email address at or call 202-370-6211 Monday through Thursday between 9-4 PM ET.

If you were a previous SHRIMP user but your subscription has expired, follow these steps to re-start your annual subscription online:

  1. Sign into with your SIF membership & billing username and password and click on MY PROFILE. Please note: These credentials may be different than your SHRIMP 4.0 credentials.
  2. On your profile, go to the ORGANIZATIONS tab and press the MANAGE button to make purchases for your organization. 
  3. Click on the PURCHASES tab and select MEMBERSHIPS on the left-hand side. Click on INACTIVE MEMBERSHIPS to find your previous SHRIMP Tool Subscription and you will see a button called REJOIN.  
  4. Click REJOIN and continue through the payment wizard to purchase another 12 months. Select the SHRIMP Tool option.
  5. Your SHRIMP subscription has been renewed for another year. Thank you!



For SHRIMP software-related questions, please refer to the guidance, alerts, and instructions within the SHRIMP 4.0 tool at



For general questions related to SHRIMP’s use for Distribution Integrity Management compliance, please email