What are O&M Procedures?

The SIF O&M Procedures were developed with funding provided by PHMSA and written by experts from the APGA Security and Integrity Foundation (SIF), the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (MGAG) and Austell Gas. The SIF O&M procedures are reviewed and approved by a panel of state and federal government pipeline safety regulators and natural gas industry experts.

Each procedure provides step-by-step instructions for performing one or several related operator qualification covered tasks. These procedures follow the guidelines set out in the ASME B31Q standard for operator qualification and are consistent with accepted industry practices. The method described in each procedure is consistent with the training and evaluations used by the SIF to qualify individuals in these covered tasks.

Each procedure lists the equipment that is required to perform the task as well as warnings about potential worker safety issues and deviations from normal operations that may be encountered while performing these tasks. The user should not assume that these procedures identify every safety hazard that might be encountered.

Disclaimer: These O&M procedures are templates, and the SIF encourages users of the templates to modify them as needed for their unique operations. The SIF does not review or approve procedures that are created using these templates.

How do I get the O&M Procedures?

To download the O&M procedures for free, click here. The last option is a zip file of all available documents, and you can also search for and click on individual documents to download a la carte for free.

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