The SIF Gas Operations & Safety Orientation Videos are a series of videos meant for all interested individuals. Whether an elected official that oversees a publicly owned gas system, upper management at a gas utility, or a new hire in gas operations, these videos are designed to provide an executive summary of gas distribution operations and pipeline safety compliance requirements. We encourage you to revisit this webpage regularly as new videos are constantly under development.

*A special thanks to Huntsville Utilities and City Utilities of Springfield, MO, for their support in the development of these videos.

Introduction to Gas Distribution Operations


Distribution Accident Root Causes

Video Description: To prevent natural gas accidents from happening in the future, it’s important to understand the root causes of past accidents. In this video the eight different root causes for gas distribution incidents are discussed.

How Pipeline Safety Regulations are Developed

Video Description: In order to operate natural gas distribution systems, operators are required to meet numerous federal and state pipeline safety regulations. In this video you will learn about the regulations that govern how operators design, construct, operate and maintain their natural gas systems.

Natural Gas Basics

Video Description: Whether working or living around natural gas infrastructure, it is important to understanding is characteristics in order to stay safe. In this video you will hear about some of the basis of natural gas, including its chemical make-up and how it smells.

Natural Gas Journey: How Gas Moves – Transmission Line to Burner Tip

Video Description: The journey can be as interesting as the destination. In this video follow along as natural gas is purchased by a utility from a transmission line all the way to its destination at a burner tip on an appliance in a home or business.

Required Manuals for Pipeline Safety Regulations

Video Description: Federal pipeline safety regulations require operators manage several different plans specific and unique to their system. In this video learn the basics of each of those plans.

Chapter 49: Code of Federal Regulations

Video Description: Interested in learning a little more about the regulations that govern natural gas distribution systems? In this video each of the sections in the Federal pipeline safety regulations are detailed, everything from Operator Qualification to Damage Prevention.

Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS)

Video Description: In 2015 during the aftermath of several significant large pipeline incidents and at the recommendation of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, the pipeline industry came together to develop a safety management framework for pipelines. The goal of this framework was to further assist pipeline operators to achieve the ultimate goal of zero incidents. The result of this effort was the publication of the American Petroleum Institute’s Recommended Practice 1173, titled: Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS).

10 Foundational Elements of PSMS

Video Description: This video covers the 10 foundational elements of a Pipeline Safety Management System (PSMS) and how you can incorporate them successfully. We will also provide practical action items your company can take to implement these foundational elements.

Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP) Elements

Video Description: In 2010, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) established integrity management requirements for natural gas distribution pipeline systems. This federal regulation requires operators to develop, write, and implement an integrity management program for several key elements for their natural gas distribution pipeline system. Watch this video to learn about each elements of having a distribution integrity management program (DIMP).

Other Videos Coming Soon!

    • Natural Gas Safety Inside the Home
    • Operations & Maintenance Manuals
    • Damage Prevention Programs
    • Pressure Regulator Stations