What is SHRIMP?


SHRIMP 3 is now available. access it here.


SHRIMP (“Simple, Handy, Risk-based Integrity Management Plan”) is an online tool that operators of natural gas distribution systems use to create a complete, written Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP) plan customized for the specific needs of their system. The SIF, with support from Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) and state pipeline safety regulators, offers SHRIMP so utilities can have access to an affordable DIMP tool. SHRIMP is designed to create accurate written DIMP plans with ease. SHRIMP asks questions about a user’s infrastructure and creates a DIMP plan ready to sign and implement.

SHRIMP is a complete written DIMP plan that addresses each item in the Federal DIMP Inspection Form. While created with small utilities in mind, it may be used by any utility. SHRIMP pricing is tiered based on system size and is affordable for any system.


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The SIF is constantly upgrading and enhancing SHRIMP to add value for gas operators. Since it was launched in 2010, SHRIMP has been upgraded to include features that allow operators to edit, revise and reevaluate their system’s information while saving revisions for historical reference. New sections, additions, and refinements to the program make the user experience simple and straightforward. Click to download our informational trifold (PDF).

Purchase or Renew SHRIMP

Go directly to the SHRIMP TOOL at http://shrimp.apgasif.org. You will need to be a current SHRIMP subscriber and enter your SHRIMP SIF login to access the SHRIMP tool.

Get copies of your plan online. If your plan is misplaced current subscribers can log to http://shrimp.apgasif.org at any time of day and download another copy. If you need a replacement copy and are not a current subscriber the SIF staff will, for a $100 service charge, email you a copy of your plan during regular business hours. This will be a copy of the last plan you created and will not include any SHRIMP updates made after that time.