(NOTE: Not all covered tasks are evaluated at each Operator Qualification Workshop)

Corrosion Control  

0001 Measure Structure – to – Electrolyte Potential
0081 Install Cathodic Protection Electrical Isolation Devices
0071 Inspect or Test Cathodic Protection Electrical Isolation Devices
0101 Inspect Rectifier and Obtain Readings
0141 Visual Inspection for Atmospheric Corrosion
0151 Visual Inspection of Buried Pipe and Components When Exposed
0161 Visual Inspection for Internal Corrosion
0171 Measure External Corrosion
0181 Measure Internal Corrosion
0191 Measure Atmospheric Corrosion


0301 Manually Opening and Closing Valves
0321 Valve Corrective Maintenance
0331 Valve – Visual Inspection and Partial Operation
0341 Valve – Preventive Maintenance

Regulating Devices  

0381 Spring Loaded Pressure Regulating Device
0391 Pilot Operated Pressure Regulating Device
0411 Spring Loaded Pressure Limiting and Relief Device
0421 Pilot Operated Pressure Limiting and Relief Device

Pressure Testing   

0561 Pressure Test – Non-liquid Medium – Test Pressure Less Than 100 psi
0571 Pressure Test – Non-liquid Medium – Test Pressure Greater Than or Equal to 100 psi
0591 Leak Test at Operating Pressure

Pipeline Repair 

0201 Visual Inspection of Installed Pipe and Components for Mechanical Damage
0681 Joining of Plastic Pipe – Stab Fittings
0711 Joining of Pipe – Compression Couplings
0721 Joining of Pipe – Threaded Joints
0731 Joining of Pipe – Flange Assembly
0991 Coating Application and Repair – Brushed or Rolled
1001 Coating Application and Repair – Sprayed
1011 External Coating Application and Repair – Wrapped
1041 Install Mechanical Clamps and Sleeves – Bolted
1141 Squeeze Off Plastic Pipe


1101 Tapping a Pipeline with a Built-in Cutter


1211 Odorization – Periodic Sampling
1221 Odorization – Odorizer Inspection, Testing, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

Pipeline Installation  

0641 Visually Inspect Pipe and Components Prior to Installation
0861 Installation of Steel Pipe in a Ditch
0871 Installation of Steel Pipe in a Bore
0901 Installation of Plastic Pipe in a Ditch
0911 Installation of Plastic Pipe in a Bore
0921 Installation of Plastic Pipe Plowing/Pull-In
0931 Installation of Plastic Pipe by Plowing/Planting
0941 Installation of Tracer Wire
0951 Installation  of Pipe Above Ground
0961 Above Ground Supports and Anchors – Inspection, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
0971 Installation and Maintenance of Casing Spacers, Vents and Seals
0981 Backfilling

Meter Sets   

1161 Installation of Customer Meters and Regulators – Residential and Commercial
1171 Installing Customer Meters – Large Commercial and Industrial
1181 Installing and Maintaining Customer Pressure Regulating, Limiting and Relief Devices – Large Commercial and Industrial
1191 Maintenance of Service Valves Upstream of Customer Meter
1201 Temporary Isolation of Service Lines and Service Discontinuance

Leak Investigation  

1231 Inside Gas Leak Investigation
1241 Outside Gas Leak Investigation
1261 Walking Gas Leakage Survey

Damage Prevention  

1291 Locate Underground Pipelines
1301 Install and Maintain Pipeline Markers
1311 Inspect Pipeline Surface Conditions-Patrol Right of Way or Easement
1321 Damage Prevention during Excavation Activities By or On Behalf of the Operator
1331 Damage Prevention Inspection during Third Party Excavation or Encroachment Activities as Determined Necessary by Operator
1341 Provide or Assure Adequate Pipeline Support During Operator Initiated Excavation Activities

Purging and Abandonment   

1651 Purging – Flammable or Inert Gas
1701 Isolating, Abandoning and Deactivating Pipeline Facilities