The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires the majority of gas, liquid, and pipeline operators to have drug and alcohol detection and prevention plans. On April 17, the APGA Security & Integrity Foundation (SIF) for an educational Webinar on those plans and how the SIF may be of assistance.

During this webinar, a panel of subject matter experts went over:

  1. Detail the regulatory requirements related to Anti-Drug & Alcohol Plans;
  2. Demonstrate the SIF tool designed to assists operators in creating a plan (Learn more at; and
  3. Offer suggestions on how to prepare for an Anti-Drug & Alcohol Program regulatory inspection.

The password to access and watch the webinar video recordings below was emailed to webinar registrants. If you registered for the April 17 webinar and need the code, please email

Understanding the Regulatory Requirements
Leslie Prince, Compliance Systems LLC

SIF Training – Understanding the Regulatory Requirements PowerPoint


How to Prepare for & Successfully Complete an Anti-Drug & Alcohol Program Audit
Maurice Chaney, Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia

SIF Training – How to prepare for & successfully complete an Anti-Drug & Alcohol Program audit PowerPoint


How to use the APGA SIF Anti-Drug & Alcohol Plan Tool
Erin Kurilla, APGA SIF


SIF Training – How to use the APGA SIF Anti-Drug & Alcohol Plan Tool PowerPoint