Our resources page is to help you with specific threats when you are filling out the SHRIMP program. To go to PHMSA’s Distribution Management Plan page for information on the rule and performance measures, please click the button below.

PHMSA Distribution Management Plan

To view PHMSA’s DIMP enforcement guide click the button below.

PHMSA’s DIMP Enforcement Guide

To view relevant & recent PHMSA’s Advisory Bulletins click the button below

PHMSA’s Advisory Bulletins

To view Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP) Inspection Form For Operators of Gas Distribution Systems For Requirements of 192.1005 – 192.1015 click the button below.

View PHMSA’s Inspection Forms 192.1005 – 192.1015

Helpful Advisory Bulletins and Photos

To view helpful advisory bulletins and photos please choose:

Material, weld, or joint failure

Natural Forces

Atmospheric Corrosion examples

IMG_3127 IMG_3134 IMG_3137 IMG_3141 IMG_3146 IMG_2944 IMG_2955 IMG_2958 IMG_2962 IMG_2968

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