Questions about using the SHRIMP program itself to manage your DIMP Plans? If you need help when working on your plans on the new platform, please email SHRIMP technical support at When you log into the new version of the SHRIMP plan, you will need to enter a valid email address to receive an access code to verify your account. You will also create a password and answer a security question, and please save your credentials to the new SHRIMP Tool platform. Your current SIF login credentials will remain the same for all billing and membership transactions.

Questions issues with membership or billing? If you have any questions about your SHRIMP membership, please email the billing support email address at or call 202-370-6211 Monday through Thursday between 9-4 PM ET.

If you were a previous SHRIMP user but your subscription has expired, follow these steps to re-start your annual subscription online:

  1. Sign into with your SIF SHRIMP username and password and click on MY PROFILE.
  2. On your profile, go to the ORGANIZATIONS tab and press the MANAGE button to make purchases for your organization. 
  3. Click on the PURCHASES tab and select MEMBERSHIPS on the left-hand side. Click on INACTIVE MEMBERSHIPS to find your previous SHRIMP Tool Subscription and you will see a button called REJOIN.  
  4. Click REJOIN and continue through the payment wizard to purchase another 12 months. Select the SHRIMP Tool option.
  5. Your SHRIMP subscription has been renewed for another year. Thank you!
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