What is the Anti-Drug & Alcohol Plan Development Tool?

The APGA Security and Integrity Foundation (SIF), with support from PHMSA, created an affordable, web-based Anti-Drug & Alcohol Plan Development Tool that will help detect prohibited drug and alcohol use in the workplace. Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing regulations require many operators of gas, hazardous liquid and carbon dioxide pipelines to have drug and alcohol prevention programs. Anti-Drug & Alcohol Plans are applicable to all persons performing operating, maintenance, or emergency-response functions covered under DOT pipeline safety regulations. While most systems have an Anti-Drug & Alcohol Plan already, many are out of date and non-compliant with current regulation. With the SIF Anti-Drug & Alcohol tool, any change to regulation is incorporated automatically and notifies users keeping them one step ahead.

The Drug & Alcohol Plan Development Tool:

  • Creates a customized plan that meets all CFR Part 199 and Part 40 requirements and is consistent with the PHMSA Comprehensive Audit and Inspection Protocol Form
  • Works by asking a series of questions with the final result being a useful, efficient downloadable plan
  • Has built-in flexibility allowing the tool to work with any size system
  • Will benefit system employees and managers through standardization of substance abuse plans and guidances provided in the tool

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FAQ Page

APGASIF has put together a Frequently Asked Questions page to address commonly asked questions about PHMSA’s drug and alcohol testing procedures.

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You can purchase or renew the Anti-Drug and Alcohol Tool online. Please contact the APGA SIF at appsupport@apgasif.org  or call 202-370-6211 Monday through Thursday between 9-4 PM ET if you need assistance with purchasing or renewing the Anti-Drug and Alcohol Tool.


The Anti-Drug & Alcohol Plan Development Tool pricing is tiered based on system size and is meant to be affordable for any gas systems. The annual pricing structure is:

Size Cost per 12 months
0-1000 services $195
1001+ services $495


Please contact the APGA SIF at appsupport@apgasif.org  or call 202-370-6211 Monday through Thursday between 9-4 PM ET if you are interested in renewing the Anti-Drug and Alcohol Tool.


In 2012, the Rocky Mount Public Utilities, NC was looking for a way to make their gas operators’ drug and alcohol detection policy less disjointed and labor-intensive to update. Already a SHRIMPTM user, the SIF’s Anti-Drug and Alcohol Tool came to their attention, and after an internal review decided the tool was the most complete way to access, edit and manage their drug and alcohol detection plan. Their structure with the new plan is much more efficient now in two major ways: their plan is easier to adjust to changes in regulation and the plan itself is easier to manage and edit. The affordable price made the Anti-Drug and Alcohol Tool worth the switch, and has made a tremendous impact on how the Rocky Mount Public Utilities documents and manages their plan.

“I would definitely recommend this tool to other systems, especially small and medium-sized systems and systems whose current structure assigns responsibilities throughout different departments. This tool will help those systems streamline their management of the plan.” says Bradley Walters, Gas System Engineer with Rocky Mount Public Utilities.

Anti-Drug and Alcohol Tool Support

For more information on the Anti-Drug and Alcohol Tool, contact the SIF at 202-370-6211.

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