A safe, reliable and efficient gas distribution system is the objective of both operators and regulators for the industry. Regulatory compliance inspections from state pipeline safety inspectors can sometimes be a very stressful and contentious process for small operators not only during the inspections but also in the preparation that may be required. Inspections may only last a few days, but the preparation and compliance is a year round effort. Working closely with PHMSA and the state program managers, these workshops provide training for small gas operators on compliance inspections and preparation process, how to efficiently work with their state pipeline safety groups and how to ensure compliance with all the regulatory requirements.

The workshops have 3 primary goals:

  1. Heighten regulatory awareness
  2. Reduce safety risk, both public safety and non-compliance
  3. Streamline and improve the inspection process

The general scope of the day-long workshop includes the review of the actual inspection process, overview of the regulatory requirements and review of the plans required for compliance. This effort brings divergent information together into a comprehensive review of the regulatory process/requirements.

The workshop agenda includes:

  1. Codes and Standards
  2. Industry Resources
  3. Tools Available
  4. Reporting and Documentation Requirements
  5. Inspection and Enforcement
  6. Effective Inspection Process

For more information contact Todd Brady at 202.370.6211.